ALCC DROP-IN DAY!!! / Visites libres au CCVA!!!

[La version française est ci-dessous]

A scheduling screw-up brought a surprisingly well-attended drop-in day.

When I was making the June schedule of events I accidentally had June 13th as Father’s Day and CLOSED! We have about 5 people sitting on the Board now and NONE of us caught the error.

Low and behold, it’s Saturday and I’m looking at the schedule thinking why haven’t we got anything planned for Sunday and realized the screw-up.

I figured I would simply post an open day for people to drop by if they wanted and it was a good opportunity for me to get some work done.

Well, we has such a great turn-out of people coming by that I didn’t get a damn thing done lol. However, people we so enthusiastic and chatty that I couldn’t help but join-in.

A grand thank you to everyone who turned out!

Contessa Alura,
Executive Board

Une erreur d’horaire a résulté en une journée de visites libres surprenament bien remplie.

Alors que je créais l’horaire de juin, j’ai malencontreusement indiqué le  13 juin comme la Fête des pères, donc fermé! Nous avons près de 5 personnes sur notre conseil, et personne n’a noté l’erreur.

Donc le samedi, alors que je regarde l’horaire et que je me demande comment il se fait que nous n’avons rien de prévu pour le samedi, je réalise ce qui s’est passé.

J’ai donc eu l’idée de simplement afficher une journée de visites libres pour ceux qui le désirent et c’était aussi pour moi une belle occasion de pouvoir travailler un peu.

En fait, nous avons eu tellement de gens que je n’ai pas eu le temps d’accomplir quoi que ce soit lol! Quoique tout le monde était tellement enthousiate et jasant que je n’ai pu que me joindre à la conversation.

Un gros merci à tous ceux qui sont venus faire un tour!

Contessa Alura,
Conseil d’administration

Traduit par:

Miss Natasha,
Anglais au Français Traductrice

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  1. moonchildkitty

    My fault! I am a chatterbox! 🙂 But it was a good turn out for a spur of the moment drop-in day I think.

  2. > open day for people to drop by

    And a nice day it was! Since there was no special theme/requirement/topic I thought I can just have a quick look at what the ALCC is.

    Within minutes I felt welcome, it was a cozy atmosphere and I really enjoyed listening to the chat between the people there.

    Initially I planned to drop in for maybe 20 minutes but I stayed almost two hours.

    Highly recommended – great people there!

  3. Drop-in Day at the ALCC was so pleasant. It would be nice to have it on a regular basis.

  4. Hello

    I just wanted to let you know that the walk in was a lot of fun last Sunday. Even as a small group we had some nice discussions.

    It was a pleasure talking to everyone.

    See you soon!

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